Featured Artists

Kristina Kay Robinson

Through the vehicles of conceptual and performance art, I am imagining REPÚBLICA, a free territory (circa 1811) within the borders of the United States, where NEW ORLEANS now stands. MARYAM DE CAPITA is a citizen of the free territory. MARYAM resides in REPUBLICA'S largest settlement, CAPITA-504, where she works as an artist and entertainer. 

Ayo Scott

As a painter, I am exploring color and what it means to multiple audiences and through multiple media.

Cecelia Fernandes

A 6th generation New Orleanian, I co-own Eight One Eight Contemporary Photography Gallery with my husband and artistic collaborator, Jose Fernandes. I am particularly interested in moments of daily resistance and survival; as well as exploring symbols of rule and order; issues of systematic oppression, the subjugation of women and the devaluation of the feminine.